The Foundation European Language  Rights launched  its campaign   “European Integration is a Lie”  The  purpose of this campaign is to inform the public about the fact that the  European Union is not capable to defend European Values such as Rule of Law, Freedom and Democracy including the protection of Rights of Autonomous Minorities.


Right after the ethnic failure  of Yugoslavia the legal building blocks for European Integration have been enshrined in treaties (1), which crystal clearly protect the rights of geopolitical minorities. In contrary to the founding members of the European Union  Former-Yugoslavia, Romania and Ukraine have large  geopolitical language minorities, due to changed borders. (2)


Romania - member of the EU - since 2007, has insufficiently complied with those treaties, since it treats its own non-Romanian speaking citizens as second rang citizens.  These violations of European Citizenship rights have been reported in our report Treason to Law.  (3)


Based on this report the foundation campaigned against the Ukrainian association agreement, during the Dutch referendum in April 2016. Despite a 62 % no vote, the European Union ratified this treaty against the Democratic will of the Dutch people. (4)


Right after ratification of this association agreement  Ukraine made a law banning education in autonomous minority languages and on top of that it passed a law in parliament on 25-04-2019, which will punish the public use of the Hungarian, Romanian and Russian language. (5)   Denying language rights is not only a violation of basic human rights (6) but also a blatant violation of European Values, (7) besides this Ethnic oppression in an overcentralised state is often used to disguise corruption.


Unfortunately Romania has failed to show an example for European Integration of Ukraine, since it has failed to promote European core values such as ethnic diversity and multilingualism, and to fight corruption satisfactory.  Romania deprives the EU of its credibility, since this country lost a part of its European soul and identity (8) by destroying two of its autonomous ethnic communities.       



As long as the European Union is not capable to defend the  rights of its own European Citizens(8), European Integration will be a lie.

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The foundation European Langauge Rights campaigned against the association agreement between the Ukraine and the European Union

Our report Treason to Law can be found here : Dutch Version   Hungarian Version : English  Version :   Romanian Version :

European Integration in practice. Instead of multilingual Signs , tanks can be found in Russian speaking areas of Ukraine

It is rather Un-European to change borders, but is its maybe more  Un-European to erase languages  by ethnic cleansing and forced assimilation.