The foundation European Language Rights launched its “Who made the European Dream a Nightmare” campaign.  The foundation has previously been campaigning with  a vote against campaign against the association agreement with Ukraine, based on its report Treason to Law. At the referendum on the 6th of April 2016 61 % of the Dutch population voted No. 


           In this report, the foundation points out, that the European Integration of Central Europe is impossible, without respecting the treaty of Strasbourg. Since this treaty guarantees the language rights of autonomous people and makes bilingual signs obligatory. After the ethnic failure of Yugoslavia ratification of this treaty was an entry requisite for Romanian to become EU and NATO member.


In contrary to Romania, both the Netherlands and the UK are fully complying with this treaty for its own Welsh and Frisian national minority.  The Netherlands as a founding member of the EU protects and nurtures its European diversity and identity by fully complying with the European Charta of regional languages, just like the UK does.  Romania breaches this treaty despite its ratification.  In fact Romania made law meaningless through its structural and systematic breach of both treaties.


           Since the European Union is incapable to maintain and protect its own core values such as Human Rights, European Identity and Rule of Law, the population of the UK has no other moral choice than to choose for leaving the European Union on the 23th  of June.


Amsterdam 15-6-2016  Stichting European Language Rights Amsterdam